Earth Friendly Ice Cream: Unilever Covington Plant  Partners With CSC Sugar LLC to Reduce Carbon Foo

In 2014, CSC Sugar LLC relocated their manufacturing facility from Missouri to Covington, TN to reduce the environmental impact of supplying liquid sugar to the Unilever Covington Ice Cream Plant and other regional customers. Reduction in total trucking miles, the use of a new innovative short haul trailer and the opening of a new raw sugar supply route, will result in a significant reduction in total GHG emissions.

Sweet Success! Supply Chain Magazine Spotlights Sugarigh

For more than 15 years, CSC Sugar has been a leader and innovator in sugar trading, distribution and refining. CSC Sugar introduced Sugaright to the food industry in 2009, which was immediately accepted by several major food companies due to an innovative approach to sustainability, logistics and cost management. In 2016, the refining division had evolved enough to establish it’s own corporate identity as Sugaright LLC. “We asked the industry to change the way they thought about liquid sugar and they did,” says Paul Farmer, CEO and founder of CSC Sugar. “We offered a variety of liquid sugar colors as an alternative to water white liquid sugar, giving the customers what they need. Additional

Sugaright scores “Excellent” on Food Safety & Quality Audits at ALL Facilities

SAI Global, certification body for the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) has scored Sugaright, LLC "Excellent" in liquid sucrose production at all 6 Sugaright facilities, with 4 in the USA and 2 in Mexico. The rigorous audit is the highest global certification with SQFI, and includes both food safety and quality assurance. The USA audits were unannounced, which shows that our policy of “being audit-ready at all times” is being practiced. Furthermore, the average score for an unannounced audit in the industry is 93*, and we averaged 96.5! (See reference link below) All facilities were officially recognized on 10/18/16 at the Sugaright Annual Quality Assurance Meeting. Justin Waldrep, VP

Sugaright progresses on mission to be the safest sugar processor in the U.S.

Three years ago, Sugaright (CSC-Sugar) began a journey to become the safest sugar processor/refiner in the United States. Year-to-date injury frequency rates continue to fall, and through the third quarter are well below the national rates for the sugar manufacturing/processing industry. Darrald Atwood, Vice President of Health & Safety, provided his perspective on what has been behind the change, ‘these remarkable results reflect the culture change which has taken place over the last three years at Sugaright. Employee health & safety is the primary core value at Sugaright, with the commitment to working safely maintained by senior leadership through the newest employee joining the Sugarig

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