GMO? Let Them Know!

As the 60-day comment period on the proposed final rules for GMO labeling comes to a close, Sugaright stands with the majority of consumers in the US who just want to know the GMO status of their food without a lot of hassle and confusion. Unfortunately, none of the current proposals for GMO labeling achieves that goal. The proposed labeling options include using the term “bioengineered”, the use of various symbols, or a QR code that can be scanned to get more information. No option includes the commonly understood term, GMO. Another point of contention is the definition of what constitutes a genetically modified product. The USDA sets the bar at 5% of composition, whereas the Non-GMO Proj

Keeping it Simple

As food companies struggle to understand consumer expectations of “clean label", Sugaright has all bases covered: Simple, Sustainable, and GMO free. Keep It Simple Is there anything simpler than cane sugar? Recent product launches by many food companies are designed to meet the needs of consumers who simply want to be able to identify all the ingredients in their food. The fewer ingredients, the better. And if the ingredient can be found in their own kitchens, the expectation is greater acceptance and greater trust. Make it Sustainable Sugaright works closely with all of its supplying mills to spread the message that sustainability certifications from Bonsucro or Fairtrade will make them pr

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