No Time for Golf

The International Sweetener Colloquium is just around the corner and we look forward to sharing strategies with our business partners as we negotiate one of the most challenging sugar supply environments in a decade. As a leading trader of raw sugar globally, CSC Sugar and its subsidiary, Sugaright, is uniquely positioned in the marketplace to source raw sugar from a wide variety of locations. Our supply chain logistics are well established, and we know how to create new ones quickly as need and opportunity arise. This supply risk mitigation is a value-added benefit of being a Sugaright customer. And if you have not yet changed your color specifications to allow for greater flexibility in yo

Are Rising Sugar Prices Keeping You Up at Night?

Are you a sugar buyer stressed over another news article about how the world is running out of sugar, and the prices will go up? According to Bloomberg News, the sugar bulls are running as the "worst drought in decades slashed the cane crop in Thailand"...the EU is producing less, Brazil has already turned more of its cane crop into ethanol and freezing weather wrecked crops in North America." You may be wondering what else can go wrong, but perhaps you might ask what is going right? Here at Sugaright, we believe this is the perfect opportunity for your company to finally change those low color specifications for sugar to realize some cost savings with NO impact on final product quality (wit

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