Zoom Food???

As the country begins to re-open after months of lock down, innovators in the food industry are wondering what is next. What have we learned? Have consumer patterns changed for good, or is this just a temporary aberration? And how will this experience affect the demand for food, both in retail and in foodservice? Has that balance changed forever? The marketing research company, Symrise, recently aired a webcast where they offered some trends that they believe will be around for a while. Paying attention to these trends offers opportunities for innovation to the food industry. Trend 1: Permissible Indulgence People want to treat themselves without breaking the bank. Increased demand for premi

Where is the Relief?

It wasn’t too long ago that the US economy was humming along in its 10th year of a slow and steady bull-run, driven by strong economic data and fundamentals, and only somewhat tempered by uncertainty among trade policies and tariffs. The freeze of the economy driven by COVID-19 halted activity and trade and was only exacerbated by a plummeting energy complex. Slight optimism has somewhat permeated throughout the general public as policy holders discuss re-opening parts of the economy (some states already doing so). Although it feels like a lifetime that stay-at-home orders have been in place, we have only recently been able to analyze data and lagging indicators to confirm our predictions ab

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