Sugaright Celebrating 14 Years of Changing the Way We Think About Sugar!

On July 3rd, 2006, CSC Sugar shipped its first tanker of liquid for use in sweetened condensed milk. This innovative company knew full well that their product had no need for highly refined, water white liquid sugar, so they were seeking a less processed alternative. As responding to the unique needs of our trading customers was a core value of the company, it was logical that Paul Farmer, CEO of CSC Sugar would offer the solution they were looking for. Grounded in mutual trust and partnership, CSC built a micro-refinery to fill that need and has continued to ship liquid sugar to that customer for 14 years and running. CSC Sugar then asked the logical question: “If this customer wanted les

If We Do Nothing....

With the IFT Food Expo going virtual this week, the organization is doing more than just changing the format. They are taking the bold step of asking the food industry to “shift your perspective, challenge your thinking, adapt, adopt, pivot, and progress.” IFT SHIFT2020 opened with a provocative and compelling talk by April Rinne, member of the World Economic Forum, speaker, writer, and authority on the new economy, future of work, and global citizenship. In her keynote Rinne explored the critical role that food science, emerging technologies, and the food industry will need to play in addressing food security in the face of our current pandemic times and global climate change. So critical

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