Farm Bill 2018

Will Congress Change the Way They Think About the U.S. Sugar Program??

This year is a crucial year for farmers as the 2018 farm bill goes through the political process.

The farm bill is a comprehensive food and agriculture bill that Congress typically enacts every four or five years. Besides covering farms and farmers, it also affects conservation, trade, nutrition, jobs and infrastructure, agricultural research, forestry and energy.

The American Sugar Alliance, which represents cane and beet growers, praised the farm bill draft for maintaining the sugar program, while the Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy, which represents sugar-using industries, faulted it for making no changes to the program.

The Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy said in a statement:

“For families whose livelihoods depend on the more than 600,000 American manufacturing jobs in sugar-using industries in every state across the country, the farm bill released today is a major disappointment.

The House Agriculture Committee had an opportunity to serve a spoonful of fairness into the sugar program, but failed to do so. The inaction is confounding, considering the sugar program benefits only 13 sugar mega-processors, with zero benefit for American consumers,” said Jennifer Cummings, spokesperson for the Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy. “It’s time for the family farmer and the families that depend on manufacturing workers to be at the center of the conversation around agriculture policy in this country. We look forward to a robust floor debate so members of the House have an opportunity to modernize the sugar program.”

Sugaright and its parent company, CSC Sugar, support the goals of the Alliance for Fair Sugar Policy and its members to create a level playing field for all stakeholders in the industry including family farmers, manufacturing companies and their employees and consumers.

For more information, go to or text SUGAR to 52886.

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