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Sugaright offers a variety of liquid sugar specifications custom tailored to what your product needs.

Image by Heather Barnes
Ice Cream Flavors


Sugaright 350 RBU liquid sugar has become the new standard in the dairy industry. The presence of milk fats and proteins completely eliminates any color difference between traditional liquid sugar and 350 RBU sugar. Most of your favorite ice creams and dairy products are now made with 350 RBU sucrose!

Rainbow Cake
Freshly Baked Muffins

Bakery & Cereal

Many bakeries are making the switch out of HFCS due to the high demand for clean labels. Sugaright 350 has been shown to be an excellent replacement for HFCS for even the whitest bread. Request a sample today and see for yourself!

Image by Gurble Tan


Sugaright 150-350 RBU liquid sugar has proven to be a great alternative to traditional liquid in many confectionary applications. Gummies, hard candies, and licorice made with Sugaright 350 are now on grocery shelves nationwide!



The beverage industry has stringent specifications for liquid sugar and medium invert sugar. From water-white, completely clear beverages to dark or cloudy beverages, Sugaright has a liquid sugar specification perfect for your application!

Image by Jonathan Borba


Sugaright colors as high as 800 RBU have proven to be the right choice in highly colored food items such as catsup and BBQ sauce.  As these products often contain molasses and/or brown sugar, the flavor imparted by the color has no negative impact.


Coffee Creamer & Milk Substitutes

Sugaright 350 RBU liquid sugar has gone beyond traditional dairy products and is now the leading choice in most coffee creamers and non-dairy applications.


Jam & Jelly

Sugaright 350 blends perfectly into jam and jelly applications to create the same quality in finished products without the added costs of traditional white sugar.

Image by Lidya Nada

HFCS Conversion

With many consumers concerned about the correlation between the consumption of HFCS and health issues, many food companies are replacing HFCS with sucrose (cane or beet sugar). 

And when non-GMO is required, then liquid cane sugar is the preferred option, as almost all corn based sweeteners produced in the US is made from GMO corn. 

HFCS 55 was formulated specifically to be a direct substitute for Liquid Sucrose with the same solids and the same sweetness. On a dry basis level, liquid sugar will be sweeter than the HFCS 42, so less liquid sugar can be used when the primary function of the HFCS is to add sweetness. 


All HFCS to liquid sugar conversions must be properly tested by your R&D team.

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