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We help the environment
& care about people
Our company is a leader in sustainable sugar refining practices and we are fully vested in protecting our environment and in good stewardship of our resources.

Millions of cane farmers around the world depend on the industry for their livelihoods. Certification standards act as an assurance that farming practices protect both the environment and people. Many of our customers have made sustainable sourcing goals for their agricultural products, including cane sugar.


We support Fairtrade and Bonsucro, global non-profit, multi-stakeholder
organizations fostering the sustainability of the sugarcane sector.

Our proprietary Selective Separation method saves about 80% of the intensive energy requirements of traditional sugar processing without compromising the high product consistency and purity that our clients demand. Additionally, our regional network of state-of-the-art liquid sugar refineries cuts transport costs
Average CO2 Emissions 
per MT Produced

27 kg

190 kg

483 kg

Cane Refiners
Beet Refiners

Sugaright can be purchased as ominibus (beet or cane), cane only (company assurance) or as Non-GMO Project Verified (depending upon plant location). 

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