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Are you ready to change the way you think about sugar? You can contact one of our regional sales managers or send us a message here. 

Northeast Region             203-803-3361

Great Lakes Region         815-262-3761

Southwest Region            901-451-3215


US Refinery Contacts

Fairless Hills, PA            215-486-2105

Refining Division Main Office

Covington, TN               731-300-1171

Dallas, TX             817-533-4754

Harrisonburg, VA           540-217-6462

Springdale, OH          937-637-7992

El Paso, TX           915-317-1950

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Raise a Concern 

At Sugaright ethical business conduct is the responsibility of everyone. 

Sugaright encourages anyone concerned about potential misconduct, non-compliance with our policies, applicable codes of practice or potential violations of laws and regulations to seek help; ask for advice or raise a concern by calling 877-327-2190 or by email at

Any question or concern that you raise, no matter how, will be treated as confidentially as possible as Sugaright follows-up and investigates fairly and impartially and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and governmental reporting obligations.

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