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Value Proposition

No more 

one size fits all

In today's competitive marketplace, food and beverage manufacturers need suppliers that are creative in their abilities to add value. Sugaright was built around turning customers' challenges into opportunities for long-term partnerships.  


The Power of Proximity

It's all about finding the "sweet" spot! Sugaright's micro-refinery concept enables the efficient placement of refineries near large concentrations of customer demand. The proximity improves service by shortening the supply chain whilst reducing freight costs and transportation-related environmental impacts.

Excessive truck and rail mileage is avoided lessening freight costs and fuel waste. 

Transportation-specific CO2 emissions are minimized.

Substantial time is removed from the supply chain from the refinery to the end-user.


Granulated to Liquid Sugar Conversion

We're saving over four cents per pound on sugar considering all input costs.

- Large CPG Company after converting 

 granular sugar consumption to 

Sugaright's L350 RBU sucrose.

Sugaright's technical team has guided many industrial sugar users through granulated to liquid sugar conversions. A few benefits of using liquid sugar include:

Labor & Energy

Eliminate the labor required to handle and process granulated sugar

Reduce energy required to melt and filter sugar


Increase productivity by eliminating bottlenecks associated with processing granulated sugar

50,000 liquid pounds can be pumped into a tank in as little as forty-five minutes


Reduced sugar loss from handling solids versus pumping liquids

Reduce required inventory on hand to mitigate rail disruptions

Cleanliness & Safety

Improve facility cleanliness by eliminating sugar dust

Reduce workplace injuries with minimal handling requirements


High Fructose Corn Syrup to Liquid Sugar


With many consumers concerned about the correlation between the consumption of high fructose corn syrup and health issues, many food companies are replacing high fructose corn syrup with sucrose.

And when non-GMO is required, Sugaright's Non-GMO L350 RBU Cane Sucrose has been the optimal solution for many manufacturers as it is less costly than 45 ICUMSA refined sugar with the non-GMO cane labeling consumers prefer. 


HFCS 55 was formulated specifically to be a direct substitute for Liquid Sucrose with the same solids and the same sweetness. On a dry basis level, liquid sugar will be sweeter than the HFCS 42, so less liquid sugar can be used when the primary function of the HFCS is to add sweetness. 




All HFCS to liquid sugar conversions must be properly tested by your R&D team.


Color Conversion 

Sugaright’s selective decolorization process harnesses the most value-added elements of the traditional refining process.  This process enables customers to receive a product more suitable to the product quality requirements of their product versus the process & cost intense, historically light color sucrose or ‘one size’.  By accepting a slightly less refined product & higher color, the customer can reduce their input costs, while maintaining product integrity. 

L350 RBU Liquid Cane Sucrose approved and used in production of:

Dairy Products

Savory Applications

Jams & Jellies

Baked Goods


Cereals & Snacks

Coffee Beverages & Syrups

Miscellaneous Beverages


Risk Management Strategies

Sugaright's synergy with CSC Sugar, LLC's trading group provides customers with risk management benefits such as supply chain diversity and trade expertise at competitive costs. 

Trade Expertise

With CSC Sugar's trade expertise in both the domestic and world sugar markets, Sugaright has the perfect price hedging strategy for every unique operation.


Supply Chain Diversity

In partnership with the CSC Sugar trading team, Sugaright utilizes a variety of logistical strategies to eliminate risks in the supply chain.


Refinery Network

Sugaright's network of micro-refineries allows for supply continuity and mitigates the risk of supply disruption.


Certified Sugar

Sugaright offers a variety of certified sugars to meet specific customer needs such as Fair-Trade, Bonsucro, and Project Non-GMO.

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