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In 2014, CSC Sugar LLC relocated their manufacturing facility from Missouri to Covington, TN to reduce the environmental impact of supplying liquid sugar to the Unilever Covington Ice Cream Plant and other regional customers. Reduction in total trucking miles, the use of a new innovative short haul trailer and the opening of a new raw sugar supply route, will result in a significant reduction in total GHG emissions.

Creating Sustainable Cane Sugar Supply Chains:

2016 International Sweetener


CSC Sugar partnered with Bonsucro and Unilever to discuss sustainable cane sugar at this year’s International Sweetener Colloquium. In response to industry demand for a viable and responsible supply, for the first time, the Colloquium  put sustainability on the agenda.  Diane Stevenson, Director of Sustainability at CSC Sugar joined Simon Usher, CEO of Bonsucro in a panel moderated by Mark Beschler of Unilever. They addressed cane sugar sourcing and standards, the hard facts behind cane production and sustainability and how buyers can manage and mitigate the risks as well as create lasting value in this complex supply chain through the use of global standards and multi stakeholder cooperation.

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