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Quality Assurance

Sugaright is committed to food safety and quality.  You can have confidence that these high quality and safety standards represent the core values of our business.
Supply and control of raw materials:
We work closely with our raw material suppliers to ensure they meet our specifications for quality and safety. All our operations, both domestic and international, are equipped with dedicated testing laboratories.
The results are monitored online in our corporate office. This allows us to select the highest quality raw sugar.

Control of finished products:
Besides continuous analytical testing of production samples to meet customer specifications for color, Brix and ph, retention samples are selected and analyzed for microbiological testing.
SQF Level 3:
All of our plants are SQF 3 Certified. Reports are available upon request. Identification and Traceability : We have an automated, centrally managed identification system to guarantee the traceability of raw materials and processed liquid sugar.
Strict rules and procedures are applied for the loading, transport, and discharge of
our products.  Most of our plants have their own wash station so we have control of the process.
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