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The Industry Leader in

Sustainable Sugar Refining.

Committed to


from farm to factory.







“We asked the industry to change the way
they thought about liquid sugar and they did.”

Paul Farmer,

CEO and Founder of

CSC Sugar and Sugaright

We changed the process...

Better for the environment.

Better for your bottom line.

Since 2009

Sugaright offers a variety of liquid sugar colors as an alternative to water white liquid sugar. Additionally, our micro-refinery strategy allows Sugaright to build refineries quickly, efficiently and in close proximity to key customer locations.

The right process.


Should any process today consume any more natural resources than required?

Our proprietary Selective Separation method saves about 80% of the intensive energy requirements of traditional sugar processing without compromising the high product consistency and purity that our clients demand. Additionally, our regional network of state-of-the-art liquid sugar refineries slashes transportation costs while improving service. 


Sugaright 350

Our most popular earth-friendly option that goes into dairy products, plant-based beverages, coffee creamers, condiments, bakeries, and cereals. 


Sugaright 150

Used in light-colored beverages such as lemonade or in confectionaries such as light-colored hard candy or gummies.

Aluminum Beverage Cans

BevRight Natural Liquid Cane


Perfect for most beverage applications without the high cost and environmental impacts of highly refined cane sugar.

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No one can afford to delay cost efficiency

today. Choose from water white to darker-colored liquid sugar custom-tailored to your specific needs.

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Liquid sucrose is the most efficient way for food manufacturers to integrate the ingredient. Less inventory, labor, and utilities expenses.

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We consistently achieve the high

product quality that you demand.

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When you carefully evaluate your

ingredient needs, you may discover

savings you never thought possible.

Right for people
and the environment.

Our company is a leader in sustainable sugar refining practices, and we are fully vested in protecting our environment and in good stewardship of our resources. Through innovation and collaboration, we aim to be the supplier of choice to the global sucrose market.

Millions of cane farmers around the world depend on the industry

for their livelihoods. Certification standards act as an assurance that the farming practices protect both the environment and people. Many of our customers have

made sustainable sourcing goals for their agricultural products, including cane sugar.


We support Fairtrade and Bonsucro, global non-profit, multi-stakeholder
organizations fostering the sustainability of the sugarcane sector.

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Right for your
bottom line.

Refinery Locations

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We changed sugar refining. No more "one size fits all". Industry leaders who set the

pace of change specify Sugaright.

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Our refineries meet the cost,

sustainability, and quality expectations

of today’s food processing industries.

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Our regional network of state-of-the-art refineries
produce top quality customized liquid sugar products with reduced environmental impact and lower cost.

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Proximity breeds efficiency and significantly lowers transportation costs.

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