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Sugaright scores “Excellent” on Food Safety & Quality Audits at ALL Facilities

SAI Global, certification body for the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI) has scored Sugaright, LLC "Excellent" in liquid sucrose production at all 6 Sugaright facilities, with 4 in the USA and 2 in Mexico. The rigorous audit is the highest global certification with SQFI, and includes both food safety and quality assurance. The USA audits were unannounced, which shows that our policy of “being audit-ready at all times” is being practiced. Furthermore, the average score for an unannounced audit in the industry is 93*, and we averaged 96.5! (See reference link below)

All facilities were officially recognized on 10/18/16 at the Sugaright Annual Quality Assurance Meeting. Justin Waldrep, VP of Quality Assurance stated, “this is truly an outstanding achievement for all of our facilities and plant leadership. It reinforces to our world-class customers, across a broad range of markets, our strong commitment to providing world-class quality pr


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