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Bonsucro Standard Benefits Global Sugar Cane Sector

New research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences provides a first-ever global assessment of the ways in which sustainability standards led by non-profit, private and public organizations and driven by consumer and buyer demand—and voluntarily adopted by agricultural producers—can contribute to extensive environmental benefits, from reduced .

.greenhouse gas emissions to decreased water use.

The peer-reviewed study modeled the impacts of adopting the Bonsucro Standard across the sugarcane sector and found huge potential for environmental benefits, including how universal adoption would dramatically increase production yields in parts of the world, while reducing total production area (24%), water use (65%) and nutrient loading (34%).

With climate change affecting every country scientific, this study suggests globally consistent sustainability standards like Bonsucro offer an effective road map to reducing negative impacts of sugarcane production.

As an active member of Bonsucro, Sugaright can help your company meet its sustainability goals by offering Bonsucro Chain of Custody Certified Sugar.

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