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Bonsucro Announces New Chair and Vice-Chair of the Members’ Council

Bonsucro is pleased to announce Beatriz Milliet (Copersucar S.A) and Diane Stevenson (CSC Sugaright) have been appointed as the new Chair and Vice-Chair of the Members’ Council, which was confirmed in meetings in Mexico ahead of Bonsucro Global Week.

Their appointment means they also sit on the Bonsucro Board of Directors ex-officio, representing the voice of Bonsucro members. 

Beatriz becomes Chair after a successful tenure as Vice-Chair of the Members’ Council, while Diane was voted Vice-Chair by her peers during the Members’ Council elections earlier this year. 


Rafael Seixas, Senior Membership Manager at Bonsucro, said of their appointment, “We are excited to welcome Beatriz and Diane as Chair and Vice-Chair of the Members Council and ex-officio Board Directors.  We look forward to their tenure and contribution to Bonsucro’s continued growth and work accelerating sustainability in the sugarcane sector.“


Beatriz is the Executive Manager for Sustainability at Copersucar S.A., a global sugar and ethanol trader. She previously held the role of National Secretary (Vice-Minister) for Biodiversity in Brazil, where she worked on public policy and environmental issues, and strengthened her technical and negotiation skills. Beatriz also has experience working across the food, and pulp and paper industries. 

For over sixteen years, Diane has been working at CSC Sugaright, a leading trader and refiner in the United States, supplying liquid sugar to US food processors. As Director of Sustainability and Food Technology, Diane works to increase the supply and demand of sustainably sourced sugar for the global market. 

Diane has previously held the roles of both Chair of the Bonsucro Board of Directors, and Chair of the Members’ Council, and helped to steer Bonsucro through a refresh of both its governance structure and strategy.

At Bonsucro Global Week, the organization gave updates on new initiatives including the Climate Cane Tracker to collect GHG emissions and to track reduction targets.

At CSC Sugaright, we are integrating Bonsucro tools into our GHG Scope 3 emissions data collection.

To learn more about Bonsucro’s, visit their website at


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