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Happy Earth Day 2022!

Doing Sugar Right: On this Earth Day, Sugaright is proud to publish our 2022 Environmental Policy.

Our Commitment to the Environment:

Sugaright is committed to managing environmental impact as an integral part of our operations. In particular, it is our policy to assure the environmental integrity of our processes and facilities at all times.

Our Principles:

  • We will employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to minimize the use of hazardous materials, energy and other natural resources, to minimize the generation of waste, and to enable recycling and reuse of materials.

  • We will continually seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance by establishing objectives and targets, measuring progress, and reporting our results; including but not limited to water, gas, electricity, and wastewater. 

  • We will promote participation and communicate our commitment to responsible environmental management by promoting environmental responsibility among our employees; by providing the necessary training and support to enable them to implement this policy; by informing suppliers of our environmental policy and encouraging them to adopt effective environmental management practices; and by soliciting input from our employees, suppliers, customers and board members in meeting our environmental goals.

Our Selective Separation Process

By design, our refining process selectively removes unwanted impurities while keeping residual color and ash to minimize water and energy use. Additionally, the process incorporates reuse and recycling of process streams. This further minimizes utilities usage and waste generation.

Continuous Improvement

The following measures will be taken by management and employees to further reduce waste, prevent pollution, conserve water and energy: 

  • Share new learnings and best practices between sites for utilities and waste optimization. 

  • Continue segregation and storage of waste streams to capture and repurpose rather than dispose. 

  • Further optimize high waste-producing process steps. 

  • Consider opportunities for installation of economizers during design phases of new and modified processes.

  • Revise materials and equipment specifications as acceptable, waste reducing alternatives are identified. 

  • Improve building infrastructure to minimize waste generation and utilities consumption.

One earth. Let us honor our earth in respect for the generations to come.

Thank you.


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