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Honoring Our Veterans

On this Veterans Day, Sugaright would like to take an opportunity to thank all those who have served our country. At Sugaright, we are fortunate to work beside many veterans and we value the skills their military service brings to our company.

Sugaright hires individuals that are of high character, flexible, collaborative, and resilient; military service experience provides an unequalled skill building opportunity in these areas.

Clay Rankin, Plant Manager, Harrisonburg, VA served in the US Navy for six years. A graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power program, Clay spent part of his service aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Enterprise. His extensive training made it possible for him to receive college credits from Old Dominion University where he was eventually awarded a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Clay’s words:

My military service gave me an appreciation for the importance of training and preventive maintenance, which is of critical importance in manufacturing. I also learned management skills and concepts that I still use today. My military experience prepared me to become a leader.”

When we asked other veterans how their military experience prepared them to succeed in private industry, some common themes became evident:

  • To respect authority.

  • The value of teamwork.

  • The importance of doing things right the first time.

  • Time management.

  • How to interact with people.

  • The ability to learn and use that knowledge quickly where needed.

Based on our positive experience with value driven veterans, Andrew Moschea, Sugaright CEO, encourages the plant managers to hire heroes:

"We are grateful to all veterans who have served our country and those who continue to serve and protect. As an organization, we reciprocate our gratitude for their service through our hiring process. We find that veterans make excellent employees, consistent with our efforts to build a culture where accountability is clear and personal. The military does an outstanding job of instilling the values of integrity and perseverance. Finally, we find the skills learned during military service are highly transferable to the capabilities that we look for in our employees."

Thank you veterans for your service to our country.

And thank you Sugaright veterans for instilling your values and using your skills in our workplace.


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