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Reimagining Excellence in Manufacturing

Key Sugaright Team members attended the Association of Manufacturing Excellence in Cleveland, OH last week to SHARE-LEARN-GROW.

This year’s theme aligned with Sugaright’s core value to “Continuously improve and measure everything we do."

Implementing this core value requires that we surround ourselves with and continue to learn from like-minded individuals. The AME conference is an event held by practitioners for practitioners to help organizations who are passionate about the lean journey and helps sustain success through continuous improvement practices through its many networking opportunities.

We learned that just saying your company is “LEAN” or continuously improving is more than just having a few lean tools in the toolbox. The culture of the organization must embrace the lean journey and put the work and discipline into it. There must be a strong collaborative effort from all levels of an organization. The more people from our team who share the continuous improvement experience, the more impact it will have on our company’s goals and objectives.

Our Team attended many workshops, sessions, networking events and tours of companies that pride themselves on the milestones they have achieved in their path to improvement success. Here are just a few of those sessions:

  • A demonstration and discussion on the leadership style required to achieve excellence

  • · Standardized work and continuous improvement in a new era

  • · Problem solving and root cause analysis

  • · Driving alignment and execution

  • · Leveraging push and pull learning for rapid continuous improvements

  • · Developing the next generation of lean leaders

Another core value at Sugaright is that we embrace collective genius, collaboration and teamwork which allows our leaders to grow in shared experiences from within and at events like the AME Conference.. We will be putting into practice what we learned at this year’s event, and to being intentional how we can share this learning with others in the future.

Next year the AME Conference will be in Atlanta, GA with the theme of CONNECT, EVOLVE, TRANSFORM.

Just a sneak peek at some of the sessions for next year:

• Developing an evolving workforce

• CI tools and culture: connecting the dots

• Nurturing thriving learning organizations

• Coaching the practice of problem-solving together

• Workforce development in the age of AI

We look forward to working with our customers and vendors on OUR Lean Journey together as we continue to be the liquid sugar supplier of choice to the food industry.


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