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Sugaright Speaking at Food and Beverage Environmental Conference (FBEC 2024)


Sugaright will be presenting "A Case Study in GHG Data Emissions Collection: Insights, Risks, and Opportunities." at FBEC 24.


FBEC is the premier and most comprehensive environmental event for the food and beverage industry in the United States. This event discovers the latest trends and innovations affecting sustainability, water resource management, supply chain, air quality, environmental compliance, professional training, and many more while priding itself on a platform that promotes networking and like-minded individuals within the industry.

Diane Stevenson, Sugaright Director of Sustainability and Food Technology, will be giving an overview of:

  • The various platforms customers require to learn, collect, and report on emissions data.

  • The use of this data to create Science Based Targets to reduce GHG emissions.

  • The challenges of collecting Scope 3 data from a complex and dynamic supply chain.

  • The value of becoming a long-term partner with suppliers and customers with shared goals of a healthier planet.

The conference encourages frank and engaging discussions about environmental challenges specific to the food and beverage industry. Real experiences, best practices, and lessons learned are shared to drive improvement across the industry. 

Sugaright is honored to be present to inspire and to be inspired by others.

We hope to see you there!


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