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Top Ten Food Trends 2022

The Sugaright Sales Team took the opportunity to engage with customers and the industry at the IFT FIRST FOOD EXPO a couple of weeks ago. Not only did we get to meet with current and potential customers face-to-face, but we also took the opportunity to get a pulse on consumer trends in the marketplace.

At the last in-person IFT held in 2019, there was a lot of focus on sugar reduction and the introduction of varied non-nutritive sweeteners. That trend has definitely lost energy, as the focus has now changed to moderately sized indulgent sweet treats containing delicious real sugar. And if that sugar is sustainable, ethically sourced and traceable, then the key needs are met.


Consumers look for innovative foods that tell a story. And if they like that story, then a new product innovation has a higher chance of success.

Innova Market Insights offered these Top Ten Trends 2022 that reflect what we are also hearing from our customers:

1. Shared Planet: Joint responsibility

"Health of the Planet" is now the top global issue for consumers. And trust and transparency are key to building a product life story that stands up to scrutiny.

2. Plant Based: The Canvas for Innovation

Nutrition and sustainability play a bigger role as brands refine the next generation of plant based foods.

3. Tech to Table:

Technological advances have created serious innovation opportunities for the entire food and beverage industry. Inspired by the success of plant based meats, the fear of "new" has been minimized. The enzymatic transformation of sugar to fiber is a good example.

4. Shifting Occasions

The pandemic reshaped existing eating occasions and helped form new ones.

5. Voice of the Consumer

Consumers are calling the shots and expecting more engagement from brands. And the consumer not only wants food that tastes good, but also makes them "feel" good about eating it.

6. Gut Glory

The microbiome has the potential to be a game change in how consumers manage their health.

7. Back to the Roots

Consumers increasingly value the functionality, freshness and authenticity of local food.

8. Amplified Experiences

Accelerated by the pandemic, consumers are hungry for new food and beverage experiences.

9. Upcycling Redefined

Ingredients that were once considered waste are being given a new lease on life in the circular economy. For example, recycling containers made from bagasse, a by-product of sugar milling.

10. My Food, My Brand

Food choices are now signals of entire lifestyles as personal values intertwine with purchasing decisions.

Sugaright is proud to offer Bonsucro and Fairtrade International Certified liquid sugar to ensure a sustainable, responsibly sourced supply to meet the ever changing demands of your consumers.

Contact us to learn more about how we do Sugar Right!


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