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Glyphosates Part III: The Sugaright Solution

Glyphosates Part III: The Sugaright Solution

Glyphosate, the world's most widely used herbicide, has dominated headlines over the last year due to the thousands of lawsuits brought by consumers who claim that the chemical causes cancer. As glyphosate is used in almost all of the sugar beets grown in the US, the concern over the presence of glyphosate in the US sugar supply is taking center stage. Sugaright wants to help our customers manage this risk by increased understanding of a dynamic and complex topic AND by offering a glyphosate-free option for their liquid sugar purchases.

Glyphosates are a major concern of food companies who want to assure that their finished products are safe for human consumption AND they want to mitigate risk of lawsuits by consumers. Sugaright is acting proactively to reduce address these concerns in three ways;

  1. Non-GMO Project Verified Cane Sugar

The new labeling laws exempted refined beet sugar grown from GMO seeds from the requirement to be labeled as Bio-Engineered. As the sugar beets have been genetically modified to be Round-Up Ready, beet sugar is at risk of containing higher residual amounts of glyphosates than refined sugar made from non-GMO cane sugar. The Non-GMO Project Verification gives assurance that there can only be very nominal amounts (less than 0.9%) of GMO beet sugar in Sugaright liquid sugar products. (Source:

2. Selective Sourcing of Raw Cane Sugar

As glyphosates can also be used as a pre-harvest drying agent, Sugaright is actively sourcing raw sugar from locations where this is not practiced.

3. Glyphosate Free Guarantee

Sugaright is actively testing all of its incoming raw sugar for the presence of glyphosates to assure the safety of our supply. If your company requires glyphosate-free liquid sugar (less than 10ppb as defined by the Detox Project), then Sugaright has you covered.


Want more information? Please contact your Sales Development Manager or email us at

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