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Sugaright progresses on mission to be the safest sugar processor in the U.S.

Three years ago, Sugaright (CSC-Sugar) began a journey to become the safest sugar processor/refiner in the United States. Year-to-date injury frequency rates continue to fall, and through the third quarter are well below the national rates for the sugar manufacturing/processing industry.

Darrald Atwood, Vice President of Health & Safety, provided his perspective on what has been behind the change, ‘these remarkable results reflect the culture change which has taken place over the last three years at Sugaright. Employee health & safety is the primary core value at Sugaright, with the commitment to working safely maintained by senior leadership through the newest employee joining the Sugaright team’.

Sugaright’s safety orientation starts on day one with every new employee, as they participate in over 8 hours of dedicated Safety Orientation training before stepping onto the production floor. On-going formal monthly safety training is mandatory, as is job-specific training and hazard awareness.

Active employee-led Safety Committees in each plant provide additional on-going safety focus, as do dedicated Health & Safety/HR Coordinators at each plant who provide further safety support and resources. Plant Safety Committees meet at least monthly and are engaged in identifying and mitigating potential safety issues, conducting regular facility safety inspections, and developing and implementing safety best practices.

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