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CSC Sugar Launches Export/Import Operation in Brownsville, TX

Brownsville, Texas: Today, CSC-Sugar, the parent company of Sugaright, began its new packaging and distribution operations at the Port of Brownsville. This is the first sugar export program of its kind in nearly 20 years and the project demonstrates collaboration between sugar industry parties. Specifically, CSC-Sugar is collaborating with National Sugar Marketing LLC in securing the necessary supply for exportation.

As part of this project, the company has hired 33 employees and leveraged company-wide trading, distribution and refining division resources in the U.S. and Mexico. Paul Farmer, CEO, stated, "Our ability to move from idea to implementation quickly speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit that governs the company, the resourcefulness of our people and our change management processes. To go from concept to operation in approximately 60 days is world-class speed and execution."

The company has leased 242,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space to stage the sugar prior to its export to the world market. Key to the company’s expansion to Brownsville is the port’s rail infrastructure and cargo capabilities. “We chose the Port of Brownsville specifically because it provides great rail access and connectivity, in addition to local stevedoring services” said Paul Farmer, CEO and president of CSC Sugar.

The company expects the operation to serve both as a point of beet sugar export and raw cane sugar import to supply its network of liquid sugar refineries. This new location will ensure a greater supply of raw cane sugar to meet the increasing demand for non-GMO products in the US market.

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