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How does preparing for the unexpected promote food safety?

Sugaright follows the FDA Food Code and SQF certification guidelines, so expecting the unexpected is exactly what we do. 


Safeguarding the Global Food Supply Chain

SQFI's primary focus is on safeguarding the integrity of the food supply chain. The unpredictable nature of food safety incidents poses significant challenges to this mission. From microbial contamination to chemical hazards, the food industry must continuously mitigate risks that can compromise public health and erode consumer trust. By promoting the theme of preparing for the unexpected, SQFI underscores the need for proactive measures to plan for and address these risks. 


Implementing Robust Risk Management Strategies

Food safety incidents can have far-reaching consequences for the entire industry. When outbreaks occur, they jeopardize public health and have economic implications, ranging from product recalls to litigation costs. SQF food safety standards and training empower stakeholders across the supply chain to implement robust risk management strategies that can help prevent crises and minimize their impact.


Education on Critical Food Safety Topics

Whether through education on food safety culture, food fraud, or other important topics, SQFI plays a pivotal role in equipping stakeholders with the tools and information they need to navigate the complexities of food safety in an ever-evolving landscape. By providing comprehensive training and resources, SQFI ensures that food safety professionals are well-prepared to handle unexpected challenges.


Therefore, preparing for the unexpected allows us to be ready at all times for all situations, and keeps consumers safe. 


Join us at Sugaright as we celebrate World Food Safety Day on June 7th!


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