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Going Non-GMO? Eliminating HFCS? Make Sugaright the Solution

VISIT US AT IFT, Booth #S5145

Non-GMO Project Verified Cane Sugar

Sugaright supports the GMA position for disclosure of genetically modified ingredients in food and beverage products. “Consumers expect to know if a product contains an ingredient that was sourced from a bioengineered crop, so it is essential that disclosure of this information be required under a final rule for the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard…Our ability to provide consumers with the information they seek — and in a way that they understand — will build trust in brands, industry and government institutions,” the G.M.A. noted.

To meet the demand of consumers, Sugaright has Non-GMO Project Verified Cane Sugar available.

Conversion from HFCS to Liquid Sugar

With the price of HFCS going up and the demand for clean labels continuing its rapid growth, liquid cane sugar is the solution. Come to find out more about the transition. If you already have liquid storage tanks, it will be easier than you can imagine.

Come find out more!

Visit us in Booth S5145 and don’t forget to collect your Sugaright Mug!

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