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Annual Plant Safety Awards

Sugaright announces 2020 Safety Performance Recognition Awards.

The Health and Safety of our employees is a core value at Sugaright. During the past year, we added new policies and procedures due to the challenges presented by COVID-19 while continuing to train and implement robust safety measures at all of our locations. Each plant is responsible for reporting on Key Performance Indicators tied to the execution of these policies and procedures and their success is honored annually.

Congratulations to our Covington TN and Dallas/Ft Worth plants for achieving Platinum Safety Award status! Both plants had ZERO Recordable Injuries in 2020 and are now well into their third straight year without a single OSHA Recordable Injury. Our Harrisonburg VA and Fairless Hills PA plants both attained Gold Safety Award status in 2020. Criteria for Safety Award Performance Recognition includes low injury frequency rates, active employee-led Safety Committees, creation and sharing of Safety Alerts which identify potential safety issues as well as safety “best practices”. Across the company network, Sugaright continues to perform well below the national injury frequency rates for our industry.

In May of this year, our Covington TN plant will receive the distinguished Governors Award of Excellence for the third time. This prestigious award is given to employers of our size who work 100,000 man hours in a year without a Lost Workday or Restricted Duty Incident. The picture above was taken in a prior year.

Andrew Moschea, Chief Operating Officer honored the success of the plants:

Although we continue to grow our company, we do so with safety top of mind in everything that we do and realize the need to continuously focus on the health, safety and well-being of our employees. To that end, we are proud of the effort our employees made, and continue to make, regarding COVID-19. As a result of our COVID-19 Prevention Strategy (Sanitation, Surveillance, Social Distancing & Scenario Planning) we have had no known cross transmission of the virus within our sites and managed the pandemic without any related service disruptions, while meeting record company production levels”.

As the company continues its quest to have zero workplace injuries across our network of plants, we celebrate the fact that we have had no Recordable injuries at any company facility in the first quarter of 2021.

Thank you to each and every team member for working safely every day!


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