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Are Rising Sugar Prices Keeping You Up at Night?

Are you a sugar buyer stressed over how droughts in the US and freezing temperatures in Brazil will impact the price of sugar? Add when you add in speculative commodity trading, trucking costs, wage pressures and currency valuations, it's appears that inflationary prices will be around for a while.

According to Rabobank Research, "Given all of this, it is not surprising that food companies have been talking about input cost inflation (packaging, agricultural commodities, transport, etc.) and the squeeze it will have on their margins for some time."

You may be wondering what else can go wrong, but perhaps you might ask what is going right?

Here at Sugaright, we believe this is the perfect opportunity for your company to finally change those low color specifications for sugar to realize some cost savings with NO impact on final product quality (with few exceptions.) Our Sugaright Selective Separation Refining process removes what you don’t want (microbes, heavy metals and some color) and leaves everything else.

Some industrial specifications for liquid sugar still call for near water white liquid sugar that requires energy intensive and environmentally unfriendly refining steps. Yet even our competitors finally realized that 45 ICUMSA color specifications are outdated and irrelevant.

One major cane sugar refiner introduced "beautiful golden sugar" to the consumer as a less processed and delicious alternative to the white stuff.

But we already know that. Over the past 10 years, our customers have discovered that in ice cream, yogurt, plant based beverages, dairy based beverages and coffee creamers, 350 RBU color liquid sugar has shown no significant difference in color and flavor compared to the old industry standard of 35 RBU.

The ice cream pictured above was made with 350RBU Liquid Sugar which has become the new industry standard for most dairy and plant based products.


Significant savings in energy and water use making higher color options the more sustainable and cost effective option.

The small amount of color that remains behind is a good antioxidant.

A higher color specification Increases your sugar supply options. And more options can translate into lower costs.

Less refining steps means we can locate our refineries closer to our customers offering a whole other set of benefits. (See last weeks blog post!!!)

Isn't it time you made a change? Your innovative competitors already have.

Please contact us for more information and assistance with your application. Our savvy sales and RD teams are here to help.


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