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Bonsucro Committed to Creating Value Across the Supply Chain

The recently published Bonsucro Strategic Plan reconfirms their commitment to accelerate the sustainable production and uses of sugarcane.

The five-year comprehensive strategic plan captures Bonsucro's role as a global sustainability platform, working collaboratively with farmers, millers, traders, end users, civil society, government and other sustainability initiatives to scale sustainability across the sector and landscapes.

CSC Sugar and Sugaright are proud to be Bonsucro Certified members as we are active participants working alongside our supplying mills and our Sugaright customers to accelerate both the production and uptake of certified cane sugar. To become certified, mills must meet the indicators of the Production Standard to reduce environmental impact and to improve the livelihoods of the people engaged in the sector.

Making it Happen

The Strategic Plan puts theory into practice. These are just a few of the actions that Bonsucro will take to ensure the aims of the organization are met.


The BPS is at the heart of everything Bonsucro does. It defines what sustainable sugarcane production should look like and provides a comprehensive metric tool for sustainable farming and milling. The revised BPS, currently being launched, draws on greater understanding and experience of the sustainability issues in sugarcane production and processing, as well as what can realistically be achieved with certification. The final revision reflects hundreds of comments and suggestions from Bonsucro’s very engaged membership striking a balance between pragmatic/reachable, and aspirational/impact driven.


The soon to be announced Bonsucro Impact Fund will invest in initiatives and projects that catalyze or accelerate sustainable sugarcane production in key locations in line with their strategic Aims – irrespective of whether or not beneficiaries are candidates for certification. The Impact Fund will be designed to fund projects in a variety of ways: through credit trading, direct grants, matchfunding, competitive funds or other means.


Bonsucro will increase purchase of certified material and/or credits by recruiting more end users and retailers in large consumer markets. They will actively pursue new sectors such as ethanol, animal feed, packaging and bioplastics. Investment in new technology and data will help their members to map supply chains with greater visibility and precision – enabling them to work with end users to develop action plans to address key risks, overcome barriers and grow procurement of certified sugarcane in their priority markets.

We are excited about these new initiatives and innovations. And we hope you are too!

Contact us to learn more about this platform and how the purchase of Bonsucro Certified Sugar can support the sustainability efforts of your company.

It takes a village.


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