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Largest Sugar Vessel to Ever Discharge on the US East Coast

Is there any sugar left in South Africa or Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)?

CSC Sugar is proud to announce that last week, the Seagull arrived at the Kinder Morgan terminal in Fairless Hills, PA, carrying the highest valued sugar cargo ever discharged in the USA. Its 106 million lb. (48,000 MT) load is valued at $40 million at current market prices.

This sugar will be transported to Sugaright, the refining division of CSC Sugar, to be turned into high quality liquid sugar for delivery to major food processors in the Northeast.

In this environment of increasing transportation costs, by increasing the utilization of our shipping vessels, we improve our in-bound freight costs. These savings allow us to offer a competitive price for liquid sugar to our Sugaright customers.

World Sugar Production Map: Major Countries

Price is always important, but so is supply. Hurricane Ida, traditional refinery disruptions, and last year’s force majeure events are reminders that supply diversity is a necessary insurance against sugar outages. In response, we have expanded our supply reach dramatically, thus increasing availability of sugar to the US market. Our diverse sourcing reduces supply risk for our refining customers. To put it simply, the term “Force Majeure” is not something we think about. Our business model and its inherent flexibility in global sourcing options offers inherent supply potential.

We also manage the shipping logistics. While others struggle with port logistics, our supply chain and logistics professionals find ways to insure reliability of port operations. We manage the supply chain, as best we can, versus letting it manage us.

  • Cost efficient in-bound freight

  • Diversity of supply

  • Logistics management

CSC Sugar and Sugaright continue to change the way you think about sugar.

And in case you didn’t know….

South Africa produces about 2 million metric tons of sugar per year. According to the South African Sugar Association, the South African sugar industry provides employment in job starved regions often in deep rural areas where there is little other economic activity or employment opportunity. Approximately one million people, more than 2% of South Africa’s population, depend on the sugar industry for a living.

Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) produces about 720,000 MT of sugar per year. The cane growing sector comprises approximately 130 registered sugarcane growers. Sugar is manufactured by 3 milling companies with all the sugar mills operating in these cane growing regions. The Eswatini sugar industry is one of the world’s leading cost competitive producers of high-quality sugar and makes an important contribution to employment in sugarcane growing areas, to sustainable development and to the national economy.


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