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On the Edge of a Fragile Time

The Sugaright Engineering, Sustainability and Business Development Team joined Molson Coors, Pepsico, Bimbo Bakeries, Unilever, Smithfield Foods, and other environmental industry leaders at the Food and Beverage Environmental Conference (FBEC) held last month in Lake Tahoe, NV.

The FBEC is the premier and most comprehensive environmental event for the food and beverage industry in the United States, exploring the latest innovations affecting water reuse, supply chain challenges and air quality.

Sugaright was given the opportunity to share the story of how we “changed the way we think about sugar”.

Jasmine Sodemann, VP Gannett Flemming, one of the organizers of the event commented on the message:

“Diane Stevenson, Director of Sustainability at Sugaright, told of how CSC Sugar seized a moment in time to greatly affect the trajectory of how cane sugar is sold, to significantly reduce its environmental footprint by changing old ways and assumptions about the color of the product. She spoke about how we are on the edge of a fragile time and how the company felt compelled to make this change and thus succeeded in making a huge impact.”

The attendees, comprised of environmental professionals, were reminded that “sometimes life chooses you” and that each individual can make a difference.

Many other speakers told their stories of change; most often including a partnership between a manufacturer and an innovator.

Aspen Distillers spoke on their energy-neutral wastewater treatment that will promote improved water quality and quantity to the Colorado River Basin. The project uses Aquacycl's BioElectrical Treatment Technology (BETT®) for wastewater treatment, recycles all of its wastewater and manages the site's stormwater to recharge the aquifer. As the Colorado River continues to shrink, such initiatives are no longer choices, but imperatives.

Waste Management and HelloFresh grabbed everyone’s attention with how food waste is converted to renewable energy via a unique method to separate packaging from unusable food and how this slurry is then converted to biogas. Such creative practices are necessary components to ensure meal subscription plans are sustainable and thus viable in the eyes of the consumer.

The attendees also heard from the folks at Keep Tahoe Blue, as they explained the diligence and commitment required to protect their beautiful lake from invasive species, over-development, and the risks of climate change so it may be enjoyed for generations to come.

Sugaright was proud to be part of a passionate group of professionals dedicated to managing environmental risks in the food and beverage industry with a high level of diligence, commitment, innovation and urgency.


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