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Resolutions for a New Year

Some 4,000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians marked the beginning of the new crop year with both celebrations and resolutions. At Sugaright, we honor this ritual by setting clear and measurable objectives (resolutions!) that guide our vision of becoming the supplier of choice to the global sucrose market.

These resolutions focus on the material importance of “planting new crops” by ensuring the optimal use of people, plant and process to ensure a sustainable supply of high quality liquid sugar to current and to new customers.

1. We will embrace new technologies to increase our processing capability at each plant. This capability will permit the use of a wider range of sugar inputs to become a better customer to our trading team and a better supplier to our customers by improving accessibility to a broader range of supply.

2. We will continue to enlighten customers to the virtues of less processed, darker color sucrose and the efficiencies it can bring, without sacrificing quality and improving customer choice and economics.

3. We will expand our influence in the North American and global sucrose markets, leveraging our micro-refinery strategy for the betterment of key customers and new ones.

4. 2021 will be a year we give our associates optimal maintenance, people and quality systems to do their jobs. Using technology to collect better data will allow our leaders to optimize plant operations.

5. We are going to lose weight, specifically driving waste out of our processes to keep our products as economically viable as possible in the face of increasing sugar prices-we plan to be the best value sucrose supplier in 2021. We want to do things cleaner, leaner and better.

6. We will be an advocate for US government policies that offer a level playing field (free and fair competition) for ALL suppliers of sugar to US food manufacturers.

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, we are grateful that our suppliers, employees and customers supported us and we hope you feel it was reciprocated with loyalty, service and value.

Change is our business, rest assured, we work every day to continuously improve everything that we do to build a company that is meant to last and a belief that people and customers matter.


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