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Sugaright Celebrating 14 Years of Changing the Way We Think About Sugar!

On July 3rd, 2006, CSC Sugar shipped its first tanker of liquid for use in sweetened condensed milk.

This innovative company knew full well that their product had no need for highly refined, water white liquid sugar, so they were seeking a less processed alternative. As responding to the unique needs of our trading customers was a core value of the company, it was logical that Paul Farmer, CEO of CSC Sugar would offer the solution they were looking for.

Grounded in mutual trust and partnership, CSC built a micro-refinery to fill that need and has continued to ship liquid sugar to that customer for 14 years and running.

CSC Sugar then asked the logical question: If this customer wanted less processed liquid sugar, why wouldn’t there be many more opportunities to offer a cost-competitive, more sustainable option to a wider variety of food processors? And so we asked the industry to change the way they thought about liquid sugar and they did,” says Paul Farmer, CEO and founder of CSC Sugar.

“We offered a variety of liquid sugar colors as an alternative to water white liquid sugar, giving the customers what they need, economically and more sustainably. Additionally, our micro-refinery strategy allowed us to build our refineries quickly, efficiently and in close proximity to large customer concentrations to save on costly freight.”

In 2016, the refining division had evolved enough to establish its own corporate identity as Sugaright LLC. As the company has transitioned from start-up to a sustainable, growth business, Sugaright went through a typical leadership transformation. Part of that transformation was building out the company with all of the various functions you’d associate with a standalone, world-class food company.

“Although we have invested heavily in new refineries and expanding decolorizing capabilities, the key has been in the quality of our employees to whom we have entrusted the business” says Andy Moschea, Chief Operating Officer.

“Everyone in the company has contributed to Sugaright’s evolution. We have collectively turned challenges into opportunity and opportunity into results. We compete every day for our future, every shift and roughly every 20 minutes when a load departs one of our facilities headed to a customer destination from Maine to California. I appreciate the complexity of making that perfect shipment and thank everyone for the personal contribution to realizing that 24,000 times a year. We are one of the most respected suppliers in the industry due to great supply (trading), effective operations teams, professional functional teams and one of the most respected and effective commercial teams in the industry.

Sugaright will continue to grow; doing so safely, with great quality, supplier of choice levels of service and the lowest responsible cost. Our daily motivation is fueled by embracing the belief that we have the ability to continuously improve upon everything that we do. We continually look to transform failure into improvement and have a healthy disdain for the status quo-no one sits still regardless of how well we may be performing. Thank you.”

And Paul Farmer, CEO, looking back on these past 14 years, offers his gratitude as well to dedicated employees, the leadership team and to the loyal and innovative customers who have helped build this business.

“Thank you for turning a dream into a reality.”


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