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Sugaright COVID-19 Employee Support

One of our key Sugaright values is to ‘always do the right thing’ and we will demonstrate that by supporting our employees as much as we can through this extraordinary time. We understand that our employees are vital to our success and we embrace the fact that they are ‘essential’ to the food supply chain.

Paul Farmer (CEO) and the Sugaright senior leadership team recognize that COVID-19 could be posing a variety of challenges for our refinery employees. To demonstrate our support for our employees during this time, for the month of April each full-time employee who must report to their plant in order to successfully conduct their job will receive a $100 per week bonus.

These monies are intended to recognize the contributions being made during this difficult period of time and the possible challenges each employee may be experiencing. We hope that this helps our employees remain focused on their families, health, and job responsibilities.

Andy Moschea, Chief Operating Officer, offered these words of encouragement and gratitude:

As a growing company, we have faced many challenges and successes together. The COVID-19 pandemic represents another challenge that we are experiencing together and we will get through together. Our intent is for you to see this as an indication of our care and concern for each and every one of you and your families. Yes, we are fortunate to have jobs, but like so many, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t affected in some way. If by some way you have not been impacted personally by this, take this as an opportunity to do something good for someone who has. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep yourself and your coworkers safe at work.

Sugaright Continues to Implement Proactive Health and Safety Measures

Last week, we notified you of the actions being taken at our CSC Sugar Headquarters and Sugaright Refineries to keep our employees safe and to minimize risk of supply chain disruptions. Everyone is working together to maintain safe distancing, to implement increased sanitation measures, and to abide with other recommendations from the federal and local governments.

We are happy to announce that our efforts to date have been successful, and all of our facilities are operating normally, and our employees are healthy.

We are grateful for all the essential employees in the food industry that are working diligently to keep our grocery store shelves full and our families fed.


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