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Sugaright Honors National Customer Service Week

“A business built on customer service understands and anticipates the customer’s needs. It designs goods and services to meet those needs and builds products to perform to customer expectations.”

Excellent customer service is a core value of Sugaright, and so want to express our gratitude for the customer service personnel in all of our refineries and the job they do every day.


Our customer service personnel are trained to define their success through the lens of our customer. This empathetic approach builds trust when inevitable challenges occur. This also means being pro-active and transparent via frequent communication and understanding the nuance of how our customers' order and receive deliveries.


We take customer service seriously and our customers know they will get a live, local, informed voice vs. a voicemail, a remote, uninformed customer service representative or nothing when they call the competition. The Sugaright micro-refinery standard operating footprint requires all refineries have their own local customer service leadership and representatives, with virtually 7x24 coverage.


The Sugaright customer service professionals are responsible for order entry, production scheduling, aligning transportation assets and order fulfillment, every day of the year and do it nearly 40,000 times a year flawlessly.


Our vision is ‘to be the best sucrose supplier in the world’ and our most recent success is an indication that we are on the right path. More specifically, our 99% customer retention rate and double-digit growth rate over the past five years is made possible by the customer service professionals within our company.

We hire the best employees, giving them generous benefits and opportunities for advancement.

And we all know, happy employees make happy customers..

We received this email from a customer and thought it worthy of sharing because it embodies the objective of our collective energies each and every day - to delight the customer.

Hello CSC team,

I just wanted to thank you for keeping us updated and communicating to us so quickly. This type of excellent customer service is getting hard and harder to find these days. Sometimes we can’t even find a live person to talk to from other suppliers (not sugar only but all of them!). No return phone calls, no follow up emails, no communication of late or missed deliveries. It is very frustrating for us on the planning side and we spend a lot of our time chasing information and complaining to sales people about poor service. So that is why I wanted to take a minute to recognize CSC for the great job that you do for us! Your service, quality and overall performance make CSC one of our best and most valued suppliers. Thank you for all you do for us!

Our equipment doesn’t always cooperate, sometimes Mother Nature sends us a zinger and the traffic on our nation’s highways are not always predictable, but our customer service professionals are always accessible. We are exceptionally proud to call them our colleagues; understanding and anticipating your needs all day and every day.

Thank you!


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