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Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing of Ingredients for Ice Cream

Sugaright joins a panel on sustainable and ethical sourcing at the virtual 2021 IDFA Ice Cream Technology Conference on April 6-7, 2021.

The Ice Cream Technology Conference, presented annually by the International Dairy Foods Association, is the premier event for ice cream and frozen dessert professionals and is the only meeting that focuses specifically on innovations in frozen dessert research, technology and new market trends.

The sustainable and ethical sourcing of ingredients is becoming mainstream in the food industry in response to consumer demand making it a critical consideration for product development. This session will share insights from two companies leading efforts in sustainability and ethical sourcing for cocoa and sugar that are widely used in ice cream.

Hear about Barry Callebaut’s external research and solutions they bring for cocoa farmers including information on its Forever Chocolate initiative to make sustainable chocolate the norm.

Sugaright will discuss our work with growers, millers, refiners and end-users including certification schemes such as Bonsucro and Fairtrade that provide sustainability frameworks and a platform for industry collaboration and traceability.

We will also share how we worked at the local level with higher color liquid sugar options which reduced energy and water use.

This talk will help your company to identify sustainability and ethical sourcing goals and steps to meet them.

Changing the way you think about sugar.

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