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The Sugaright Sustainability Value Proposition

Our vision to be the most sustainable liquid sugar supplier in the industry affects every area of our business including sourcing, process, product specifications and plant locations.


Certified Sustainable Sourcing


To assure an adequate supply of Bonsucro certified sugar, we actively engage with global raw sugar mills who promote practices that meet the Bonsucro production standard.  In 2024, through our Mass Balance Chain of Custody Certification, we expect to buy over 125,000 MT of Bonsucro certified sugar to meet the requests of our refining and trading customers.

Fair Trade

Over the past 10 years, we have transferred $4.5 million of Fair Trade premiums to small grower cooperatives in Costa Rica and El Salvador.


GHG Emissions Reduction: Meeting Goals

Our Proprietary Process uses 85% less energy than traditional refining to white granulated sugar.  For companies who are trying to reach Science Based Targets for GHG emissions reductions, we have engaged with Leadership on Climate Transition to measure and report on Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions.

For the future, we will be analyzing Scope 1, 2, and 3 data to identify the most effective projects to further move the needle.

Micro-Refinery Strategy offers Proximity to Customers

We have continued to invest in more refineries as we target geographies where there is a critical mass of customers who welcome a local supplier.  Not only does this take truck miles off the road, but it also reduces risk as the length of truck lanes are shortened. Our capital light technical footprint promotes this proximity of supply.

Range of Color Specifications

As our customer list now includes almost every major US food manufacturer, product developers no longer question the benefits of using darker color liquid sugars. As the new norm, most buyers now have to have to justify the increased cost and poor sustainability metrics of using water white liquid sugar and highly refined white granulated sugar when it is not needed.

Liquid Sugar Handling is Easier and Safer to Handle

Transitioning from granulated to liquid sugar is an excellent way to reduce manpower and to keep employees safer. Additionally, there is less waste.

We look forward to sharing our sustainability story with you at the International Sweetener Colloquium.

And we look forward to hearing about your sustainability initiatives and how we can be your partner to to Do Sugar Right!


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