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Food Safety: In the Plant and At-Home

September is Food Safety Education Month. Sugaright is proud to announce that our plants received an average score of over 95 during the 2023 SQF audit cycle.

At Sugaright, all of our refineries are certified by SQF Version 9 to food safety AND food quality assessments in the scoring. Additionally, SQF Version 9 includes provisions that showcase our commitment to a culture of food safety and operational excellence in food safety management.

Justin Waldrep, VP of Quality Assurance, stated:

“This SQF Version 9 is designed to help all 6 of our certified sites’ SQF Practitioners meet and exceed all industry, customer, and regulatory requirements so our customers are assured of safe quality food. Our employees are the foundation of our food safety and food quality programs, and our customers can take comfort in seeing the continuation of excellence.”

Food Safety is imbedded in how we operate our facilities, but Food Safety must extend to the home as well to reduce the incidence of food borne illnesses which impacts one in six consumers every year. To achieve that goal, the FDA offers guidance to educate the public on good food safety practices.

One of the priorities in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety is fostering, supporting, and strengthening food safety culture on farms, in food facilities, and in homes.

According to the FDA, "We will not make dramatic improvements in reducing the burden of foodborne disease without doing more to influence and change human behavior, including in the family kitchen."

To support consumers, FDA offers resources on safe food handling. When you prepare meals and snacks for yourself, your family, and your friends, it is important to follow these food safety tips to help prevent foodborne illness.

At the store...

And in the home...

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay happy.


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