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Sugaright: A Stress Reduction Strategy

Sugaright is proud to report that our on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction remain high in spite of the on-going logistical challenges in the US sugar market. In contrast, last week’s attendees of the 37th International Sweetener Symposium were presented with a long list of problems resulting in a scramble for sugar that many food manufacturers are facing.

Sosland’s Ron Stark summed up the meeting well in his article “Spot sugar market dealing with stress”:

Stress in the form of tight supplies and high prices continue in the spot sugar market due to a combination of limited beet sugar supplies, logistics problems and other factors, according to speakers at the 37th International Sweetener Symposium here Aug. 1.

“Things are not running like a well-oiled machine,” said Barbara Fecso, PhD, branch chief, commodity analysis branch, economic and policy analysis division of the farm production and conservation business center, US Department of Agriculture.

Randy Green, principal, Watson Green LLC, and a consultant to the Sweetener Users Association, also noted supply chain issues as contributing to tightness in the current sugar market. In addition to problems with rail deliveries, he cited trucking industry issues, labor shortages and procurement challenges of raw materials and manufacturing supplies as affecting sugar and other industries in general.

Mr. Green said he talked with large buyers and analysts to gather supply chain issues specific to sugar. Some sugar users were encountering slowed production lines due to a lack of sugar supplies, although most were not forced into shutdowns. Deliveries of contracted supplies varied, and some experienced delays or did not receive shipments. They also experienced how freight was priced and some also were unable to order above previously allocated amounts that were enforced monthly by the seller.

Overall, sugar users said sugar suppliers did a “pretty decent job,” some “haven’t missed a beat."

Due to our wide global access to raw sugar, our strategy of locating mini-refineries close to our customers, our long-term trucking agreements, and our well-managed up-to-date refineries, CSC Trading and Sugaright have managed to “not miss a beat”.

Though we value the government actions taken to assist the industry, we also believe it is our responsibility as a company to DO ALL WE CAN DO to keep our customers’ plants humming.


Needing some stress reduction?

You can try yoga, mindfulness, hiking in the woods, regular exercise or….

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