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Thank You Veterans!

On this Veterans Day, 2020, Sugaright would like to acknowledge the sacrifice of every veteran, expressing our gratitude for your contributions towards our freedoms.

At Sugaright, we are fortunate to work beside many veterans and appreciate their service. Sugaright hires individuals that are of high character, flexible, collaborative and resilient; military service experience provides an unequalled skill building opportunity in these areas. We hire heroes and we are proud of our employees who have served our country. We wanted to share a few examples that represent the high character and achievements of individuals that we’re honored to work with:

Raul Marin, El Paso Refinery, (Navy): Had responsibilities in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Explosive Defense (CBRNE), Shipboard Fire Fighting and Repairs of Damage Control Systems. He frequently provided training to other seamen and publish reports on the activities. He was assigned to Operation Southern Watch in the Middle East where he transported Marines and Navy Seals for scheduled desert maneuvers. Raul became a member of the refinery leadership team in 2014 and his ability to train others and monitor critical operating systems has served Sugaright well.

Shane Nelson, Harrisonburg Refinery, (Marine Corp): Spent time overseas, primarily in Asia, and Washington D.C. in various transportation roles. His military training and discipline allowed him to rapidly advance within our organization, adapting quickly and learning the various skills necessary to master every role in the refinery as a Tech 2. Shane works in our load-out area, where discipline to process and awareness are critical to insuring our customers receive the best possible product.

Vincent Gutierrez, Dallas/Fort Worth Refinery, (Army): Vincent Vincent Gutierrez values teamwork. He patiently trains his coworkers, while demanding attention to detail. He sees potential in others and motivates them to succeed. He volunteers for tough jobs and will not hesitate to voice his concerns about problems and offer solutions. I sleep well when his team is working. I’m proud to nominate him for this award. Vincent was recently recognized at the company level for his value of collective genius, collaboration and teamwork-one of the core Sugaright Values.

Donald Barnes, Fairless Hills Refinery, (Marine Corp): Don served in an air traffic control role and appreciates the value of process and discipline. On 9/11, Don helped to coordinate getting all of the aircraft out of the skies safely. As a member of our refinery leadership team, Don understands the responsibility to communicate a plan clearly and verify that it’s being followed through process control and observation. Don’s ability to think quickly has served Sugaright well and has helped our technicians continuously improve everything that we do.

Lee Middleton, Covington Refinery, (Army): Lee served as a Combat Medic, and attained the rank of Sargent. Lee participated in “Operation Iraqi Freedom “ and “Operation New Dawn”. The broad skills that Lee gained in the military have provided him the ability to learn every role within the refinery as a Tech 2. He is a great problem solver, proactively addresses issues and is a leader amongst his peers, helping to make our Covington Refinery one of the most reliable in the industry.

Our collective liberty comes at a price, and the men and women who serve our country were/are willing to pay that price for our freedom and peace. Today, we thank you, we salute you, we honor you Veterans!


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