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Transportation Update: Proximity Equals Reliability

Locating our seven micro-refineries in close proximity to our customers mitigates the risk of volatility in freight costs.

Though freight costs have softened in the market recently as carriers are expanding capacity (drivers and equipment) and overall demand is lower, smart sugar buyers know that they must be prepared for the next market disruption. Despite market softening, carrier capacity is still at a premium in the food grade liquid market.

Sugaright has taken several steps to ensure our customers get preferred pricing and on-time delivery for all liquid sugar shipments no matter what the future market may bring.

More Carriers

In 2023, Sugaright has recruited several new carriers into our nationwide network to ensure competitive pricing and high service levels to our customers.

Flexible Terms

In liquid bulk, carriers often give pricing advantages to flexible, accommodating shippers and receivers. We do our best to be a preferred customer to a fleet of reliable carriers. And we appreciate our customers who take deliveries on-time and on-schedule.

Respecting the Drivers

As a high-volume shipper, we highly value our drivers. Our plants put high emphasis on the driver experience at our facility, ensure that drivers are respected, service is reliable, and do everything possible to give drivers the opportunity to return home each night.

A core value at Sugaright is to treat all stakeholders from customers to drivers to employees as partners to assure our objective of being the liquid sugar supplier of choice.

Value transportation pricing and reliable deliveries are critical to our success… and yours.


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